Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Nehemiah Mugendi

Nehemiah took his first loan with Premier Credit of Kshs.130,000 in 2014 and after paying it off with timely repayments, he managed to secure his second loan of Kshs.350,000. He had identified a property to open a larger shop, it was in a popular location and the landlord was asking for 4 months rental in advance.Thanks to the loan he received from Premier Credit, he managed to pay the landlord and secure the property. The business grew and he managed to repay his loan without any problem. “I have a strong relationship with Premier Credit, it’s not only about the loan, they also want me to grow as an individual. I now own a plot and a shamba.”

David Muthengi

David heard about Premier Credit through a friend. He started with a Kshs.20,000 loan and is now on an Kshs.800,000 loan. He initially was able to buy raw materials for his phone repair business in Kawangware. The Premier Credit team gave him business advice and support and taught him to use his loan responsibly. He was recently able to buy a car and diversify his income. He now operates a taxi on Taxify and employs someone to run his phone repair shop. He is grateful to Premier Credit for supporting his business which has enabled him to educate his children; his eldest child has just completed university

Gladys Njeri

Gladys is a business lady who has come from humble beginnings as a hawker and she is now a successful entrepreneur with a hotel, an outside catering business, a transport business and a butchery.
She thanks Premier Credit for her success! She was referred to Premier Credit by a friend in 2014 when she had identified a property in which to conduct her business, but she lacked the necessary funding to pay the rent. She spoke to the Premier Credit manager who came to see the business and the property and later approved the loan.
Gladys has been borrowing from Premier Credit since 2014. “They helped me start my business and with business advice and timely repayments, they helped me grow my business into what it is today.”

Premier Credit CSR

Water Tanks Support

Premier Credit has been running a campaign across the country to support schools by helping provide children with fresh source of drinking water. Teacher Mary Njeroge from Wangige Primary school said that the rainwater tanks had “elevated the image of the school.” She continued, “We are happy our pupils no longer carry water from their homes to school as it was before. They are now accessing safe, clean drinking water which can also be used for cleaning on a regular basis. The population in the school is likely to increase as a result of water availability, and children are now motivated to come to school since they know they will not be sent to go and look for water outside.”

Talking to the students, not only does 9-year-old Lucy Wainaina have more energy for studying, but she has the good health she needs too. “Time that we used to waste going to fetch water for mopping our classes and for drinking has now been maximized for studies. Also, the common waterborne disease experienced before has drastically decreased.”
Schools we have donated water tanks include:

  • Gataara Primary School(600 children)
  • Wangige primary School(900 children)
  • Kivandini Primary School(400 children)
  • Moto Primary School
  • Oloosurutia Primary School
  • Olosirikon Primary School
  • Kathitu Primary School
  • Nyarugumu primary School