Premier Credit endeavors to adopt high standards of practice to ensure great customer service and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. We commit to consistently improve standards of service by leveraging on latest technology to deliver our services efficiently and effectively.

Rights of our customers

    1. To be served with respect, professionally and timely.
    2. To request to get clear details on all costs incurred on the product.
    3. To get clear understanding of the terms, conditions, and details of the product or service, and to request sufficient explanations to be sure that he/she has understood them and can abide by them.
    4. To request updates / statements on accounts at any time.
    5. To refuse to take a up a product or service

Premier team members undertake

  1. To keep all client info strictly confidential
  2. Never to intimidate or threaten a client or person associated with a client
  3. Never to use force or threaten to use force against a client or person associated with a client
  4. Never to spread or threaten to spread false information concerning the creditworthiness of a client
A client should report any service delivery failure / query or complaint to: