Children home donations

The COVID-19 pandemic has had serious health, social and economic consequences. In this difficult context, Premier Credit Limited is dedicated to implementing its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to support society and the vulnerable individuals who are most hit during this period. This year we did various children’s home visitations and donations across our branches. Some of the children’s home that we visited included;
  • Kikwetu children’s home in Madaraka which hosts 50 children who were street children and are orphans. The home was supported with beddings and food items.
  • Charera School for the disable in Kericho children’s home and donated a water tank and food items, the home hosts 100 children who are disabled.
  • Huruma Children’s home in Matasia, the home has a population of 150 children who are orphans and street children and we able to support them with beddings and food stuff
  • Isinya-Visible Grace children’s home in Kiserian, the home hosts 18 children who are orphans and were street children.
  • Kapkesengin Children’s home boarding school in Kapsabet. The home has 60 children who are orphans and street children, we supported the home with beddings and food stuff.

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